A picture speaks a thousand words

Your pictures say a lot about who you are and what you stand for! Here are top tips for you to take that perfect picture.

• Know your angles

Camera angles greatly affect your impression of the person. Take control of the messages your picture is sending out to the world by thinking about the angle of your camera. There will be a sea of difference in your pictures when taken from above or below. Pictures taken from above show you as someone in need of protection while pictures taken from above will show you as confident and attractive. Similarly, when we view someone straight on they appear more trustworthy.

• Fake Smile vs Real Smile

You can Camera can be cruel and can capture every micro impression. And when the smile does not reach the eyes it shows in the pictures. So smile genuinely and click a great picture.

• Professional vs Casual

The idea is to use the nonverbal cues to get the level of professionalism you want in your pictures. Flirty, Fun, Casual pictures allow more movement, open mouth, gazing away from the camera while Professional pictures require front shots, eye contact and less movement.