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Are you sure? Don't let stress turn your hard-earned physique soft! Here’s the best advice on how to prepare for those final days and minutes before you go for the win!

Remember, if you're stressed, your body will physically change your look in only minutes. When you are on a diet, under pressure, dealing with the unpredictable events of a competition, you need to search your soul for the strength to complete your goal. Ask yourself, "Am I sure I am capable of taking the final step? Can I make all the right choices?" Limit your exposure to anyone who doesn't remain calm. Spouses, boyfriends, family can all stress you out with their fighting and complaining. Your calmness should be an infection to them, train yourself and those close to you to simply, "Relax, and let it slide!"

Models need to have a support team, family supporters, hairdressers, make-up, and more. Don't be influenced by a dozen different training and dieting philosophies. Save yourself the confusion and stress by sticking to one approach. Stay focused and organized! Start making all appointments as early as possible! That includes hair, makeup, nails sessions! Always leave hair & makeup to the professionals! Only compete against yourself. You cannot control who will show up, and you cannot control the outcome of the show. What you can control, however, is how you look! Therefore, only focus on that and stop caring about who else might show up on the day of your show.