Make up Magic Tricks that will transform you

Tip 1 - Foundation Funda

Avoid looking like a ghost with cakey and unnatural foundation application. To sport a fresh faced flawless look remove a bit of it with the help of a tissue especially from your cheek area. This will bring life back into your cheek area

Tip 2 – Long Lashes

Who can deny the spell that long lashes can cast! Up your eye lash quotient by wiggling the mascara at the base and move up and forward. This will add thickness into the base and taper them in the ends.

Tip 3 – Liquid Liner

You can create chic eye makeup looks once you learn the right way to control it. And till the time you get there the trick is to use pencil eyeliner to make a base line and work around it with the liquid liner.

Tip 4 – Celebrity Cheekbones

You can create killer cheekbones by using sheer shimmer powder with a nude blush. Use the sheer shimmer powder around the temple area and nude blush in the area below it. Then smile and apply your regular blush in the cheek area in circular motions.

Tip 5 – Bronzer Glow

Bronzer adds a healthy glow to your skin. But too much of it can make you look at least 7-8 years older than you actually are. The trick is to use it on the temple area and area under the cheekbones only. Imagine you are making the letter “c” from your temple to under the cheekbone and apply bronzer.

Take what you learned in this article and adapt it to suit your makeup needs.